48 Hrs.

(Walter Hill, 1982)

with Darcy, Theo Meneau, and Christophe Meneau, streaming on Netflix at the Meneaus’ place in San Rafael, 2/1/14



A relic of the macho, cynical eighties, when male bonding was (apparently) nothing but fistfights and racial slurs.  There’s a ragged appeal to this movie, just as there’s a ragged appeal to Nick Nolte, and Eddie Murphy is massively charming, even if his character feels a little underdeveloped.  Despite its title, what 48 Hrs. lacks is urgency; it meanders from one volatile situation to another, with little forward momentum.  But damn, I love the way the cars move in this movie.  They float, glide, fishtail, and careen, like something out of an action-packed cartoon.  They’re the most dynamic thing on the screen – although the actors are all right, too.

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