(Alejandro González Iñárritu, 2014)

with Jess de Martine and Diana Kemppainen, BAM Rose Cinema, 10/26/14



If Birdman lived up to the promise of its first act, it would be a phenomenal achievement.  Building its world, establishing its characters, ratcheting up tension – all of these are tasks the movie performs admirably.  The acting is strong, the characters vivid, the dialogue sharp and alive.  Unfortunately, Birdman has no idea what to do with all these promising elements, so it begins to repeat itself, and then to indulge itself, and then to betray itself, so that by the end most of the characters – and most of the plot threads – have been summarily dismissed, and we’re left with nothing but a sad-sack protagonist and a cheap, phoney “ambiguous” ending.  In the final analysis, Birdman is a hollow exercise, with no sincere animating impulse beyond the desire to do a lot of long tracking shots.  Too bad.

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