(Christopher Nolan, 2010)

with Jess de Martine, on DVD at Jess’s, 3/15/15



On the surface, Inception seems like a perfect movie to rewatch over and over; it’s dense and twisty and sometimes enigmatic, so why wouldn’t it reward repeat viewing?  The problem is, watching it again reveals more of its flaws.  I estimate that about 50% of the movie’s second half consists of material that – however striking it may be – doesn’t really advance the story.  A climax that occurs on three “levels” of dream simultaneously is a wonderfully ambitious concept, but at any given moment, our protagonist is only active on one level, which means that most of what we’re watching is just people killing time while the hero figures things out elsewhere.

That’s not to say this isn’t a brilliant, groundbreaking, deeply pleasurable movie, of course.  But the fact is, it will never again be as good as when it first hit theaters.  It’s a movie that both invites and deserves scrutiny – but in the end, it also suffers from it.

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